Past Events

These events are over! We've kept a record of them here for posterity. You can also see photos from the events here.
Come to our ✨Space themed✨ Trivia and board games event this Friday(18th March)!
⭐ Join us at the Quad Seminar Room S224 (South East corner of Hogwarts)⭐ Everyone is welcome…

Time and date: 18 March 2022, 3 P.M. - 5 P.M.
Location: Quad Seminar Room S224

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Sydney Uni astronomy society and Sydney Uni bushwalkers are collaborating for the first time to bring to you an overnight camping trip where we will bushwalk during daytime and stargaze during night-time!! We will be able to immerse ourselves in nature, get some exercise, then relax and enjoy some spectacular views of the sky before the hectic start of the semester!
For more information, go to: Facebook Event Page
☄☄Being one of the only few moonless nights optimal for stargazing in December, SUAS will be hosting an overnight ✨stargazing & camping tripto Capertee campground right after the exam period for you to chill and enjoy some spectacular views! ☄☄

Time: 5th Dec 2021 Sunday, 4:30PM - 6th Dec 2021 Monday, 12:00PM
Meeting Location: Railway Street, Capertee
Destination: Capertee campground

Please refer to the Facebook event for tickets and more information.
Can’t go out stargazing? SUAS has your back! Let SUAS bring the magic to you via Zoom!
🌌 Using recently filmed footage, SUAS execs will bring you on a interstellar journey across the universe 🌌 Our exec team will be filling you in with fun facts and some cheeky jokes about each object observed. So if you want to learn something or just have fun, this is the perfect place to be!
Date: Saturday 2nd October, 2021
Time: 7:30 PM AEST
We will also cap off the end of the session with a few rounds of skribblio, so get keen! ☄️☄️

Additionally, our footage provider Timmy Wang will be live streaming the astrophotography process so join us if you want to explore more!
⭐ Date: Sunday 3rd October, 2021
⭐ Time: 9:30 PM AEST
⭐ Location:
Hope to see you there!
USYD’s one and only ⭐️ Astronomy Society ⭐️ is hosting its Annual General Meeting on August 11th at 5PM (Wednesday of the first week of Semester 2). The AGM will be hosted on Zoom.

➔ Zoom link:
➔ Agenda:
➔ DIY Telescope Information Pack:
➔ Exec Nomination Form:

Following the AGM, we have prepared a fun DIY activity where you can make your own telescope 🔭 at home. Check out our DIY telescope info pack above and order your lenses now so that you get them by the AGM.

If you are passionate about astronomy✨, enjoy planning amazing stargazing trips 🚗, or just wish to start your journey with university societies, SUAS has a position for you! Executive roles are available for:
👓 President
👔  Secretary
💵  Treasurer
🔉  Media Coordinator
📜  Events Coordinator
👩‍🏫  General Executive (up to 5 executives may be elected)

Execs will be selected by a majority vote at the AGM. To nominate yourself, please fill out the nomination form above. We will also be taking nominations on the day.

You don’t need any knowledge about astronomy to contribute to SUAS! Our aim is to facilitate social activities for all… under the ⭐️ stars! ⭐️

⭐️We hope to see you there! ⭐️
Join us at Victoria park for an evening observing a Lunar eclipse! One of four eclipses this year, this one will be visible start to finish for us in Sydney.
We will be meeting at Victoria park at 7:30 pm on the 26th of May in the field towards the entrance of the swimming pool.
Snacks will be provided!
For a detailed timeline of the eclipse, please see this website:

Time: 6th April 2021, 5:00 P.M - 11:30 P.M
Location: Victoria Park

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If you signed up to SUAS earlier this year but missed out on attending our April stargazing trip, here’s another chance to meet fellow astronomy enthusiasts!
Join us for a game of Kahoot followed by a few rounds of To enable as many people to participate as possible this event will be run virtually via Zoom.
We hope to see you there!
Time: Saturday, 15th May 2021, 6:00 P.M
Venue: Zoom
Zoom Link:

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☄☄ Has the uni workload of first semester 2021 weighed you down? Come join SUAS on a stargazing session during the mid semester break! We will be hosting a single night ✨stargazing trip✨ to Wollondilly Lookout, complete with a telescope and warm beverages for you to enjoy alongside some spectacular views! ☄☄

Time: 6th April 2021, 5:00 P.M - 11:30 P.M
Meeting Location: Mittagong Maccas
Location: Wollondilly Lookout

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Time: 10th April 2021, 5:00 P.M - 11:30 P.M
Meeting Location: Mittagong Maccas
Location: Wollondilly Lookout

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SUAS is holding a stargazing & camping trip to Vittoria State Forest just after the exam. Join us to catch the infamous Geminids meteor shower for an unforgettable experience!

Time: 13-14th December 2020, 15:30 - 12:00

Meeting location: Elizabeth Park

Destination: Macquarie Woods Forestry Reserve Campground

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While travelling to a new stargazing  spot, chaos erupted 😱 on the SUAS spaceship… 🚀
Join us for a few rounds of “Among Us”, the social deduction 🧠 game which has taken the internet by storm.

Date: 30th October 2020 @ 6 PM

Mt Wilson Stargazing

SUAS is holding another stargazing trip to Mt. Wilson this mid-semester break! For more information, please visit our Facebook page.
Time: 9th October 2020 15:30 - 22:30
Meeting location: Smith Park, Richmond
Destination: Mt. Wilson

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AGM and Planetary Observation

11 September 2020, 5 PM at Gadigal Lawn, and Online
SUAS cordially invites you to our 2020 AGM / Planetary Observation night which will be held on the magnificent Gadigal Green at 5pm. If you are unable to be there in person, fear not, the AGM will be simultaneously streamed over zoom and all voting will be done via google forms.

Following the AGM, we present a unique opportunity to observe the largest planets in our solar system: Jupiter and Saturn 🪐 through a telescope. Regardless of whether you attend physically or virtually, you won’t want to miss this chance to become involved in the society and shape its future.

All members are highly encouraged to nominate themselves for executive positions of:
⭐️ President
⭐️ Secretary
⭐️ Treasurer
⭐️ Media Coordinator
⭐️ Events Coordinator
⭐️ General Executive (up to 5 executives may be elected)

To nominate yourself, please fill out this nomination form:

We will also be taking nominations on the day.

The agenda for the AGM can be viewed here:

Zoom link:

Mt Wilson Stargazing

18 and 25 July 2020, 3:00 - 10:30 PM at Richmond


Codenames - Games Night

2 July 2020, Thursday 5:30 PM On Zoom

With the easing of COVID-19 restrictions your execs are busy contemplating/planning more stargazing trips. In the meantime, join us over Zoom a few rounds of "codewords", a team-based game of word association... with an astronomy twist! 🔭✨🚀 If you want a head start you can read over the instructions here:
Zoom link:
Facebook event

Tuning in to M-Dwarf Flares

Extrasolar Space Weather from a Radio Perspective - By Andrew Zic
15 May 2020, Friday 3 PM On Zoom

M-dwarfs are one of the most attractive targets in the search for Earth-like exoplanets, but their frequent and powerful flaring looms ominously as a threat to exoplanetary habitability.

However, the true nature of the space weather environment around these stars remains unclear. In this talk, Andrew Zic will discuss how radio emissions hold the key to diagnosing the space weather environment around these stars, and how we can harness insights from radio observations of the Sun and solar system planets in this effort.

About the Presenter:
Andrew Zic is a third-year PhD student at the Sydney Institute for Astronomy and CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science. He graduated with Honours in Physics from USyd, before staying put to continue his adventures in radio astronomy for his PhD.

His research is focused on stellar activity at low radio frequencies, along with novel techniques for detecting pulsars, and studies of radio transient sources.

This presentation will be hosted on Zoom:
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Games Night - Kahoot

8 May 2020, Friday 7 PM On Zoom
End your week like a 🌟 with an hour of astronomy trivia via Kahoot.

Questions will be given via screen sharing within a Zoom call:

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Astronomical Discovery

With A/Prof. Helen Johnston
22 April 2020, Wednesday 3 PM On Zoom

How are astronomical discoveries made?
What types of observations make the most profound new gains in knowledge?
In this talk A/Prof. Helen Johnston will look at some examples of recent ground-breaking science – like the discovery of the black hole at the Galactic centre, and the discovery of gravitational waves – to see what we can learn about where astronomy is going, and what type of future today’s astronomy students are likely to face.
A/Prof. Helen Johnston obtained her PhD at the California Institute of Technology. Subsequently she obtained postdoctoral appointments in The Netherlands, at the Anglo-Australian Observatory and at the University of Sydney. Her research interests are the study of neutron stars and black holes, especially those systems called X-ray binaries where the neutron star or black hole is accreting matter from a companion star.
This presentation will be hosted on Zoom:

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Games Night

15 April 2020, Wednesday 7PM on Zoom
Cooped up? Bored out of your brain? Not heard the voice of anyone except your lecturers and your roomates or family? Join us tonight for our inaugural games night!

In place of our usual stargazing trips, the execs have organised an evening of drawing fun on Skribbl.

Similar to Pictionary, players take turns sketching and guessing objects, some of which might have something to do with astronomy.

On the evening:
1 - Join the zoom conversation [ ]
2 - Join the game [Link will be posted in Zoom]

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Trivia + Intro to SUAS

4 March 2020, Wednesday 2-4 PM @Habitat (Carslaw Lower Level)
Habitat is an initiative of the Faculty of Science which aims to engage new Science students. On 4 March, SUAS will be taking over the Habitat space on Level 1 of Carslaw for two hours. In the first hour:
▻ Walk through the night sky with planetarium software Stellarium ✨
▻ Learn how to use our Dobsonian telescope 🔭
▻ Meet and greet with amateur astronomers 🙌

In the second hour, join us for three rounds of trivia with fun prizes to be won.

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