Our Team

Bill Zhang

3rd year Commerce student with great interest in astronomy, astrophysics and space-related engineering.


Chill, outdoors loving guy who’s gotten into astronomy over the last year. Excited to be a part of the team!


I’m 3rd Year Maths student who loves driving up to the mountains to look at the stars!

Kenny Phan

Events Coordinator
2nd year philosophy/psychology student. Love reading and everything to do with the cosmos.

Rebecca La Rose

Media Coordinator
I am a 4th year engineering and med sci student. I joined the astronomy society at the beginning of the year and loved taking part in the stargazing and camping trips! It is an amazing way to spend time in nature and unwind from the stress of life. I love finding interesting facts to post about and exploring my creative side.


General Executive
I am a 3rd year Speech Pathology student who loves the outdoors. My ideal getaway is a long hike before camping under the stars and watching the night sky for hours.


General Executive
First Year Mechatronic Engineering and Physics student. Love anything to do with space, hiking and looking at the stars!


General Executive
I am a second year student studying Speech Pathology which I love equally as much as I love all things space! As Christa McAuliffe said, “Space is for everybody.”


General Executive
1st year Engineering and Commerce student with great enthusiasm in space exploration! I like to assemble iconic spacecraft/rocket models as well as origami :D
Kang Yang's Photo

Kang Yang

General Executive
2nd year Advanced Computing student. Casual space news follower. Interested in tech, science and photography. Love exploring new stuff.
Sydney University Astronomy Society