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Founding member of “Astronuts”, now a 4th Year Mechatronics (Space) Engineering and Physics student. Always up for a chat about telescopes or rockets. 
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Bill Zhang

2nd year Commerce student with great interest in astronomy, astrophysics and space-related engineering.


I’m a Bachelor of Science student studying maths and data science. I love watching the stars and understanding the night sky!
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Sonia Kang

Events Coordinator
2nd year Aeronautical Engineering and Computer Science student. Love space and hiking :)
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Becky Hong

Media Coordinator
2nd year Commerce majoring in finance and data science, love Sci-Fi, space, hiking.


General Executive
4th year Mechatronics Engineering and Physics student. Interested in astronomy, space tech and sci-fi.
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Kang Yang

General Executive
1st year Advance Computing student. Casual space news follower. Interested in tech, science and photography. Love exploring new stuff.
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General Executive
4th year Mechatronics (Space) Engineering and Commerce student. Interests include all things space, robotics and random bits of trivia.


General Executive
We need up to two more general executives! Think you have what it takes? Apply at our general meeting!
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