What's On

We've got the following events planned for the semester:
USYD’s one and only ⭐️ Astronomy Society ⭐️ is hosting its Annual General Meeting on August 11th at 5PM (Wednesday of the first week of Semester 2). The AGM will be hosted on Zoom.

➔ Zoom link: https://bit.ly/3hTjbKW
➔ Agenda: https://bit.ly/3BrTZDl
➔ DIY Telescope Information Pack: https://bit.ly/3y0b7he
➔ Exec Nomination Form: https://forms.gle/G1wbYR6myvJQuLrz6

Following the AGM, we have prepared a fun DIY activity where you can make your own telescope 🔭 at home. Check out our DIY telescope info pack above and order your lenses now so that you get them by the AGM.

If you are passionate about astronomy✨, enjoy planning amazing stargazing trips 🚗, or just wish to start your journey with university societies, SUAS has a position for you! Executive roles are available for:
👓 President
👔  Secretary
💵  Treasurer
🔉  Media Coordinator
📜  Events Coordinator
👩‍🏫  General Executive (up to 5 executives may be elected)

Execs will be selected by a majority vote at the AGM. To nominate yourself, please fill out the nomination form above. We will also be taking nominations on the day.

You don’t need any knowledge about astronomy to contribute to SUAS! Our aim is to facilitate social activities for all… under the ⭐️ stars! ⭐️

⭐️We hope to see you there! ⭐️
You can find previously held events here.

Pictures From Our Trips

Stargazing Trips

We organise trips out of Sydney to get to areas of low light pollution, giving you the best conditions for stargazing. There are two kinds of trips we organise: single night trips, and camping trips.
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Single Night Trips

Time poor? Hate camping? Not to worry, our single night trips wrap up early enough that you can get home before bedtime*. We hold one of these each semester.

*Given sufficiently late bedtime
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Camping Trips

If camping is your jam, then come to our camping trips! We stay at a site overnight so we can get as much time stargazing as possible. We hold these during the mid-semester and semester breaks.

On Campus Events

Long car rides and camping at late hours not your idea of fun? Don't worry, we also hold events so that you can enjoy astronomy from the comfort of the university.

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Solar Astronomy

View the sun through our solar telescope! We bring it out on occasion, giving you the opportunity to observe sunspots and solar activity.
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Local Stargazing

Stargaze on Campus! Despite Sydney's light pollution, there are plenty of things you can see in the night sky with a telescope. Take a look through ours!
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Test out your astronomical and general knowledge at one of our trivia nights. Grab a beer, and you might make some friends along the way
Sydney University Astronomy Society